When dining out over the holiday season, there are a few things not to forget.

We eat more out as a family, try new restaurants, and place more internet food orders over the holidays. In the end, a holiday wouldn't be complete without a comforting meal and the presence of those you care about.

However, it is tempting to give in to holiday eating habits when you are in a festive mindset. Overeating and bad dietary choices can cause water retention, which in turn can cause gas and weight gain. It can also derail your efforts to eat healthily.

Please should not take this as a sign that you should forego celebrating the new year or eating out. All we ask is that you exercise caution and choose wisely. A cheat meal or two is OK, but giving in to desires more often than that is unhealthy. During this holiday season, here are a few things to bear in mind when dining at restaurants.

Do not go without food all day if you have plans to eat out for supper. Some believe that if you plan on dining out in the evening, it's best to skip meals or eat less overall during the day.

The fact is that it would lead you to overeat rather than assist you stick to your calorie budget. If you eat more than usual without realizing it, you can end up feeling bloated and sick to your stomach.

Eat something before you go out if you wish to maintain your progress. It shouldn't be so heavy that you feel stuffed, but it should be enough to keep you from eating too much. Snacking on some fruit, curd rice, or yoghurt is a great way to start the day off well before your main course.

Not getting enough water each day is another big cause of obesity. Staying hydrated with water helps control portion sizes and encourages healthier meal choices while dining out.

Dehydration is mistaken for hunger by the brain. Despite the fact that it only indicates that you are thirsty, it leads to overeating. People overeat in the winter because they don't feel the need to drink enough water to quench their thirst.

You may still order the cuisine you love as long as you control your portion sizes and include some healthy alternatives with your order. Make sure to ration out enough food so that you don't end up feeling bad about indulging in unhealthy foods or falling off your diet plan. On a healthy meal, you should find greens, protein, and fiber.

Food satisfaction comes from flavor. Instead of ordering or sampling new dishes, enjoy your favorite. Only one or two dishes are allowed. Eat carefully and appreciate every bite instead of gulping and missing much of the fun. Satisfied eaters don't desire more and set down their forks when full.

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