What makes it so tough to trim the abdominal fat beyond the age of 40 and how to get past this obstacle

Everyone worries about their belly fat. Keeping their midsections flat is a challenge for both men and women. However, losing belly fat has never been a picnic. That pesky belly fat just won't go, no matter how many diets and workouts you perform. 

The age of 40 is associated with an increase in the prevalence of this issue. This article will explain why it is harder to lose belly fat as you age and offer some tips to help you shed it faster.

Mass loss in the muscles is the main cause. The loss of muscle mass that comes with aging causes a decrease in metabolic rate and calorie expenditure. Both of these things make it more difficult to lose weight, particularly around the middle.

Hormones are another cause. Hormones control weight growth and decrease. Women store more subcutaneous (soft) fat in the abdomen and thighs, whereas males store more visceral (hard) fat. This begins during puberty and continues until 40. After this age, 

Both men and women experience hormonal fluctuations. Fat accumulation changes throughout perimenopause and menopause. Less testosterone and estrogen mean more hard abdominal fat and more soft fat for males.

Losing abdominal fat is more significant than losing other fat. Visceral fat in the belly is unhealthy in several ways. It increases the risk of respiratory issues, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol.

To lose weight beyond 40, you must work more. You must adjust your weight loss strategies to lose weight faster. Here are 3 techniques to maximize weight reduction as you age.

Most of the weight that people put on is due to stress. Your best bet for losing weight is to learn to control your stress levels. For that, you might want to give meditation and yoga a go.

Physical activity decreases as we become older. Consequently, their calorie expenditure and weight loss are both affected. Incorporate complex exercises into your program to enhance calorie burn and strength training. Combination workouts are able to target many muscle groups simultaneously.

You need to be particularly careful with your eating habits if you're attempting to reduce weight as an older person. Make sure you're getting enough protein from plant-based foods. Cut out refined and processed foods.

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