What is the correlation between your star sign and your health?

American Medical Association acceptance of medical astrology, also known as iatromathematics, is highly unlikely. The Harris Poll found that 29% of Americans believe in astrology in 2013. Love, career, and health are some areas where many people seek advice from the constellations and moon cycles.


Go-get-‘em Ariens love adventure, but stress can cause headaches, migraines, and strokes. Despite being stressed, Ariens require stimulation to avoid depression. Are you bald Arien? Don't blame genes. Blame the stars.


Common ailments such as colds, sore throats, and earaches can weaken Taurus, the bull. Many Taureans excel in the performing arts, particularly singing, due to the sign's focus on the throat.


Colds, coughing, and hay fever plague Gemini. Aside from breathing issues, gregarious Geminis communicate with their hands and arms, often causing neck difficulties. Negative and tense, Gemini's evil twin. GAD, sleeplessness, and nervous weariness are typical among Geminis.


Emotional Cancerians often experience depression. Cancerians comfort themselves with food and fight obesity, which is distressing. Overeating worsens Cancerians' digestive issues.


Watch out for heart problems, Leo. Risks include high blood pressure, clogged arteries, and irregular pulse. Leos, calm your rage with mindfulness or meditation for heart health.


No matter the situation, Virgos have a hard time controlling their weight. Virgos often struggle with issues related to their stomachs, including irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, and eating problems.


Whether it's diarrhea or constipation, Librans' digestive systems are always acting up. Rich meals and sweets could irritate your stomach, therefore Librans, cut back on them. Keep yourself hydrated and moisturized; your skin is delicate.


In a Scorpio, libido is more likely to fluctuate wildly. Some people may choose to live chastely as a result. Scorpio is susceptible to repercussions like STDs when their hormones go in the opposite direction.


Because of their restless nature, Sagittarians are a recipe for disaster. Similarly, Sagittarians are prone to eye problems. Accidents are more likely to occur if your vision is hindered.


Ever wondered how Dolly Parton keeps her shoulders back and posture flawless despite the counterbalance? A Capricorn, Dolly. Like her sign, she has strong bones and superb posture. Breaking bones is more common among Capricorns. Wear high-heeled boots carefully.


While most Aquarians are quite elegant, every once in a while one may display a surprising amount of clumsiness. A constellation of varicose veins crisscrossing your legs and ankles can be a sign of an Aquarius native.


The sensitive Pisceans worry themselves sick. Since Pisceans have poor immune systems, this is easy. Pisces often have corns, bunions, and athlete's foot. Unless you have certain disorders, you may develop them.

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