What an Astrologer Determins Regarding the Significance of Each at the Thanksgiving Table

Knowing the zodiac signs' roles at Thanksgiving (including your own) can help you predict what your family or friends might say or do on Turkey Day, how to handle difficult situations, and what activities or conversations will get everyone along and grateful to be there.


Aries communicates because Mars regulates action and beginning. You may suggest weirder ice-breakers at Thanksgiving. You may be asking everyone to name their favorite Thanksgiving food or gratitude. However, Chung recommends against dominating the conversation, initiating fights, or claiming to be right.


Taurus, you adore sensuality and materialism, including rich food and drink, which may occur at a Thanksgiving party. Chung suggests inhaling food and candle fragrances or enjoying fall decor to properly feel Thanksgiving.


Gemini, the most curious sign, will ask questions that let you bond with almost everyone. Chung says people are curious about you, but don't pry. Don't make someone uncomfortable by inquiring about something they'd rather not talk about.


Chung says Cancers are compassionate water signs, so they'll be the ones checking on everyone over Thanksgiving and making sure they're okay. Your sign controls the fourth house of family and foundations, therefore you enjoy staying home and being a nurturer.


Leo, you're known for taking center stage, but Chung says Thanksgiving is a time to connect with others and share that spotlight. One of your least-known attributes is your tremendous generosity, and Thanksgiving is the festival of giving.


Virgo, you are bound to give back to the community this Thanksgiving since you are the most selfless Earth sign. Volunteering to help with dinner preparation, plating, or clearing the table are all wonderful ways to show your appreciation.


The Libra scales represent your love of justice. Chung thinks you should be able to mediate during Thanksgiving if somebody isn't getting along. You like harmony, therefore you may talk about light, superficial things to keep the scales balanced.


Scorpio, ruler of the eighth house of death, sex, and metamorphosis, might make Thanksgiving more mystical or personal. Chung advises that the vulnerability you seek of others may compel you to bare your soul and tear down your own boundaries.


Just like Scorpio, Sagittarius, you're all about having in-depth conversations. But according to Chung, the main distinction between Scorpio and Sagittarius is that communicating with a Sagittarius requires less personal vulnerability.


According to Chung, you may be renowned as the zodiac's most ambitious sign (since you control the 10th house of profession), but you also value family history, heritage, and sentimentality. As a Capricorn, one way to start a conversation going during a family gathering is to bring up a shared recollection.


During Thanksgiving, Aquarius, you could feel the need to project an air of detached reserve. However, those around you are typically good at picking up on your genuineness and could even be interested in hearing about any futuristic views you may have.


Pisces are the most perceptive water sign. You can read the room and like to bring the party together rather than have separate groupings. Chung suggests a game or no-judgment karaoke session before or after dinner to unify everyone.

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