Tyrese Haliburton, Pacers ready for NBA Cup, but they're thinking larger.

Las Vegas— Tyrese Haliburton gazed at his wrist as if Damian Lillard's fake watch iced his hand for finishing another prime-time game with a dagger. “I know the time!” Haiburton roared.

He measured up Lillard's gigantic colleague, Milwaukee center Brook Lopez, then tiptoed below the 3-point line to shoot a back-breaking stepback three to finish his Pacers' 128-119 triumph against the Bucks in Thursday's semifinals of the inaugural NBA in-season tournament.

“Now is our time. Our time as a group,” Haliburton told reporters after the game. “We know we’ll be in every basketball game if we play well.

This approach, along with Haliburton's playmaking, has propelled the Pacers to Saturday's final contest and an unblemished inaugural pursuit for the NBA Cup. A young team with no postseason experience is trading blows with the league's most experienced teams and still standing.

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Indiana entered its ice-blue home court at four that mid-November afternoon for its first tournament game. 

On a court that looked like a skating rink», remarked head coach Rick Carlisle. Cleveland, another growing playoffs danger that finished fourth in the Eastern Conference last season before signing big free agency contracts, would lose to the Pacers 

“And then it led to the next [game] and then the next,” Carlisle continued. Indiana has only defeated Philadelphia, Boston in the quarterfinals, and Milwaukee, three East powerhouses, to reach Saturday's title match.

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