To keep your body temperature down when running, drink some water before you go out.

Prevents Dehydration: Drinking water before a run helps ensure you start your exercise session adequately hydrated, reducing the risk of dehydration during your workout. 

Regulates Body Temperature: Proper hydration helps regulate body temperature, allowing your body to cool itself more efficiently during physical activity, especially in warm conditions. 

Supports Performance: Being well-hydrated can enhance physical performance by maintaining blood volume, which affects circulation and nutrient delivery to muscles 

Reduces Fatigue and Cramping: Adequate hydration can help prevent fatigue, muscle cramps, and discomfort during exercise. 

Drink Water Ahead of Time: Aim to drink water 1-2 hours before your run to allow enough time for absorption and avoid discomfort during exercise. 

Monitor Hydration Levels: Pay attention to your body's hydration cues and urine color; clear to pale yellow urine generally indicates adequate hydration. 

Consider Electrolytes: For longer runs or in hot weather, consider drinks containing electrolytes to help maintain fluid balance and replenish minerals lost through sweat 

After your run, continue hydrating to replenish fluids lost through sweat. Water, along with electrolytes if needed, helps with recovery and assists in restoring hydration levels. 

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