The profound clandestine of every star sign

Everyone has a secret they don't want shared. Some pretend to be someone else yet are really different. But zodiac signs have certain common qualities, something wired differently. Here are the wheel's zodiacs' innermost secrets.


Cheating to win is something people can't help but embrace, whether they say it out loud or not. When they're in charge, it's incredible, but they can't resist the temptation.


Despite their outward displays of confidence and calm, these people are actually rather timid and suspicious. However, once they develop feelings for someone, they become completely receptive.


Geminis often split up foolishly. People think they're shallow for breaking up reasonlessly. They may have split if their spouse hasn't texted or phoned back. Mindful even with friends. None disclose themselves. Why? They dislike weakness.


Every friend is disliked. They consider themselves superior yet will never cut ties. Another secret: they feel vulnerable. They build or defend massive walls. They appear sorted but are not. Cancerians will do anything to protect their image.


They harbor a profound secret: they are envious of everyone. Jealousy clouds their judgment like no other emotion, and as a result, they would do everything to acquire what the other person has. Plus, they enjoy the limelight.


Yes, this zodiac is great at faking compliments. Do not believe them. They may admire you but not feel it. They may compliment you out of politeness. Second, they overthink. Everyone tells Virgos to relax.


Libras are cold-hearted and manipulative. They're good at persuasion. They have no shame or guilt, so don't expect it. Another secret is that they dread alone. They will never accept it.


Scorpions are secretive, vindictive, and gloomy. Their poker face belies their true intentions. If you have a Scorpion buddy, they will force you to talk about yourself, but how well do you know them? Have a look at it!


Relationship designations and the ways in which they work escape them. They could have a lot of feelings for you, but they're not committed. They require their leisure time. A great deal of patience is required.


Forgiveness is not their thing! Both never forget! They will isolate you or make their life miserable. They avoid situations where their weaknesses may show. They want to seem powerful and faultless. They realize their insides are slimy.


Their “harmless bantering” with friends' partners is flirting, but they won't acknowledge it. They also struggle with gangs. They're lost and distracted. They attempt connection but fail.


They occasionally add spice to their sob tales for attention. They are sincere yet twisted to win compassion. They have a delicate heart like French lace. They don't allow others get close to their hearts to avoid heartbreak.

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