The Essential Quality Every Zodiac Sign Requires in a Soul Companion


Soulmates need patience. You lack patience and are impetuous. Going full-speed without thinking might get you in danger. Your perfect companion would fill that gap with compassion so you may learn patience from them.


Your partner must compromise well. You prioritize your partner's needs because you value long-term relationships. Your prior lovers took advantage of that, but your soulmate will take care of you too.


Your partner must communicate well. You get bored fast and hate quiet relationships. Need someone for long discussions. Who will debate you in a fun way or fight with you. Your ideal spouse will chatter nonstop, and you adore it.


Listening is essential for your partner. You express your sentiments the greatest among the indicators. When life is bad, you need a compassionate buddy to vent to. They'll provide counsel or listen when you need to vent. Apathetic partners aren't eligible.


Soulmates need faith. You like concentration. Any positive input is valued. You may appreciate chatting to your fans, but not date them. Do not date jealous individuals. Your perfect partner will believe your sincerity despite flirting.


Soulmates must be timely. You're recognized for your self-control. Lateness causes most lifetime arguments, so don't date someone without ambition. Need someone who values time. If they insult your time, they disrespect you.


Your partner must be social. Your happiness depends on your family, whether real or chosen. Your lover who keeps you at home will make you resent them. Your perfect spouse will blend in and be delighted to introduce you to your friends.


Soulmates must offer you space. You automatically withdraw when your lover holds you near. Even with your love, you need time alone. An individualistic spouse who understands when to keep their distance is essential. No codependency for you.


Adventure-loving partner required. That may be climbing mountains or leaping off of aircraft, or calmer like romantic dinners. Being locked in a routine will make you want to escape. Your perfect lover won't pull you onto the sofa when you want to play.


Soulmates require life paths. Some individuals don't mind a lazy companion, but not you. Your spouse with a dead-end career and no interests will annoy you. It's not about money or social success. Ambivalence is unappealing and doesn't fit your ambitions.


Soulmates require originality. You're passionate. Be it work or hobbies, you work hard at what you love. Thus, you have no time for a spouse who revolves around you. With or without you, your soulmate will be complete.


Soulmates must be empathetic. You're very empathic and occasionally put others' feelings before your own. Your perfect companion must employ empathy to ensure you're taken care of. You shouldn't be with someone who takes your sympathy but never returns it.

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