The confection that best describes you, according to your star sign, is...

Desserts have been used for comfort and ceremonial since the ark, throughout good times and bad, weddings and funerals. There's a sweet for every occasion and every symbol. Learn which desserts match your sun sign, from Dippin' Dots to death cakes.


As the first sign, Aries naturally creates and begins. Sir Benjamin Thompson's thermodynamics research led to the double boiler, drip coffee machine, and egg white meringue's food insulation. Aries allegedly created ice cream fire.


Venus, the planet of love, beauty, fertility, sweetness, symmetry, and pleasure, rules Taurus. The mythical goddess Venus/Aphrodite held and won golden apples. Taureans are hardworking and appreciate finery, as a New York Times editor wrote in 1902, “Pie is the American synonym of prosperity.


As with most Geminis, fudge is best in tiny amounts and enjoyed at gatherings. It simply takes three ingredients. Gemini has the most vague relationship with truth, regarding it as an abstract notion rather than realities. They tend to “fudge” a tale, excuse, recall, or résumé.


Cancers often lament lost connections, areas before gentrification, TV shows, pay phones, etc. The beloved, now-retired Choco Taco reminds moon children of the sweets and spooky freezer shelf.


Cheesecake has ancient origins, or crust. Greeks made an early prototype for the first Olympic athletes and elite wedding cakes. Leos consider themselves exceptional and might approve of desserts for victors and weddings.


Three reasons justify Virgo as s'more (a clever dissertation title). Virgo rules the intestines, the sixth house of health, service, and habits. According to Food & Wine, Althaea officinalis made marshmallows first. In ancient Greece and Rome, the root and leaves treated inflammation and laxatives.


Macarons are chic and airy like Libras. Their appearances are good despite their taste. Libra rules the marriage box, the seventh house of partnership, and macarons are popular wedding favors. Macarons balance meringue and icing like Libras balance own and others' needs.


Pluto rules Scorpio's eighth house of sex, death, and regeneration. Scorpio is death-life transition. Shortbread-like funeral cakes were traditionally given to mourners, imprinted with the deceased's initials and eaten by family members, or served in sacred water during Hindu funerals.


Ella Brennan, Brennan's Sagittarius chef, created bananas foster. Brennan, an optimist and rapid thinker, was asked to design something to honor New Orleans Crime Commission chairman Richard Foster the night the dessert was introduced. A fire sign, she picked flammable for a classic. 


Capricorns are determined to succeed, avoid emotions, and pull on their bootstraps with gritted teeth. Bread pudding, like the cardinal earth sign, came from need and the unwillingness to store stale bread in hard times. Sea goats are durable, and bread pudding tastes best with the oldest crusts.


Conspiracies, innovators, activists, revolutionaries, and parents' basement geniuses are Aquarius. Microbiologist and water carrier Curt Jones produced Ender Dippin' Dots in the basement. Designers claim cryogenics create “unconventional ice cream” beaded. Technology, cellars, and undead geniuses suit this fixed air sign.


Cotton candy, formerly called “fairy floss,” is fanciful like most Pisces. Cotton candy and Pisces are about 70% air, poetry, avoidance, white lies, hope, and unrequited yearning. Cotton candy conjures up carnivals and amusement parks, where fish folk feel at home.

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