The category of ex-partners that corresponds to your star sign indicates you are most likely to have

Friendship after breakup affects love. Have you revealed the finest times and secrets your parents wouldn't know? You needn't accept their friend request. Ex-friendships are like relationships where you can try new things but are still tied by friendship.


If you're an Aries, your ex will likely pretend to win your heart. They may appear indifferent, yet they want you back. If you're over them, resist these approaches. You can reason with yourself.


If your ex is more obstinate than you are, it's probably because you're a Taurus. Whenever they desire to see you, they will fabricate reasons to visit your residence or coerce you into agreeing to a scheduled evening, among other tactics. Focus more intently on your goals.


Your former type is probably known to Geminis. Once they miss you, they'll flood your phone with emotional and philosophical texts despite acting uncaring. They'll do whatever to talk to you and sneak inside your thoughts.


Cancerians usually have emotional, talkative ex-partners. You'll be miserable and guilty about moving on in their grief. You need not follow them. Tell them to see friends instead.


If you're a Leo, your ex-lover will be too self-absorbed to reach out to you, but they'll make it crystal clear by seeing other Leos. Even if they won't notice, you'll likely be the one to notice. Just stand back and let them be.


Your ex-partner was likely the target of your scathing criticism when you were dating, Virgo. So, it's safe to assume that your ex is trying to redeem themselves and make up for your biases against them.


If you're a Libra, you probably have an ex-lover who just can't let go. If you're born under this sign, your ex will try to convince you to start over or get back together more often than not.


Scorpios are more likely than other zodiac signs to have exes who are interested in hooking up with them again. Their inability to form close relationships with others is evident in their persistent attempts to persuade you of the same.


Your ex is likely aware that going out and traveling is a Sagittarius's greatest interest. They may appear unexpectedly everywhere you go, so use caution. You can be dealing with someone who follows you around like a shadow.


When it concerns a Capricorn's ex, it might become a little too bothersome. Most likely, it's because you poured your energy into supporting your partner when you were in a relationship, but once the relationship ended, they made the conscious decision to improve themselves.


Some of your Aquarius pals are being approached by an ex-lover who is trying to reconnect with you. They will do all in their power to become a part of your social circle in order to monitor your every move and any potential love interests you may have.


Those born under the Pisces sign often find themselves in relationships with other dreamers. Your ex-lover probably thinks you two are destined to be together forever if you're a Piscean. Despite what others may have told them. It will be believed by them.

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