The Astrologer and Nutritionist Who Fights Diets Reveals the Ideal Diet for Your Zodiac Sign

It may appear different, but a balanced, nutrient-rich diet benefits everyone. Lifestyle, temperament, and tastes define the best diet. Astrology may reveal your personality from your birth chart. A good start? Sun symbol denotes you. Remember this zodiac sign's vigor when eating and drinking.


Cardinals born under Mars have a bright spark that might fade if not refreshed. Resist and create a healthy practice. Gallagher says, "From a food perspective, I want you to feel supported on all your adventures." That may require fiber or protein at every meal for daylong energy.


The most multisensory sign feels everything, always. As enjoyable as the meal is, the setting, smell, and presentation may make eating enjoyable. Gallagher advises eating for maximum pleasure. Prioritizing the pricey reservation or splurging on something divine may be necessary.


Like your sign, shouldn't your diet be freeing? Gallagher claims Geminis hate dieting. "If you find that your taste changes with your mood, then it's best to lean into that: Instead of meal-planning or meal-prepping, maybe you go to the market each day and just pick whatever looks good.


Cancer controls the midsection—the breasts, ribs, and womb—so you may need to instinctively feel safe and secure when eating. This is where comfort becomes a nutritious gesture: Calming your thoughts and worries before eating and dining with loved ones may help you digest. 


Gallagher combined heart (the area of the body covered by Leo) and hearth since you add a lot of warmth to the party as a fixed fire sign. "It's all about food as a means for celebration and gathering," Gallagher explains. "You may enjoy gathering people, sharing cuisine, and going all out with your cooking.


Virgo controls the digestive system, therefore nutrition probably matters to you. Food may become numerical for you because of your analytical nature: "Virgo obsesses over food, calories, and macros.


Your sign, represented by the scales, values balance, including in food. Gallagher suggests eating regularly and choosing foods rich in whole grains or healthy fats to balance blood sugar levels. You might also analyze the overall balance of heavier and lighter meals on your plate at each meal. 


Scorpio regulates the colon and its metamorphosis, like Virgo, which rules the stomach and small intestine. "With Scorpio, the focus is on helping the body transform food into energy," he adds. To keep things moving, your diet may include fermented probiotic foods and fiber-rich prebiotics. 


"Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign—which is essentially fire on the go," Gallagher adds. An adventurous Sagittarian diet is also driven by that energetic energy. "Exploration from a nutritional perspective can mean literally exploring foods that you're not familiar with, and even making that food journey a part of your regular life," explains. 


Your slow-moving planetary ruler, Saturn, is about patience. You may do the same and exemplify your ideals of hard work by orienting your eating on sustenance. Gallagher recommends nutrient-dense, protein-rich diets to help you last. 


If you almost skipped your section thinking you know best, you may be right. Aquarius never followed norms, so dining alone may be best. "Be your own expert and your own authority to come up with what works for you," Gallagher says. Try blocking gadgets and sounds while eating: 


A changing water sign may grow. "Try giving yourself unconditional freedom to eat what you'd like to eat, and see how that changes your relationship with food," he notes. Due to Pisces' energy absorption, she suggests utilizing food to boost your immune system and energetic boundaries: "Food can be your stable anchor in the water."

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