REMEDIES based on Astrology, Part 2


The solutions are to strike a balance in your life, to dress in pastel hues, to engage in diplomacy, and to be fair.


Wearing dark hues, welcoming transformation, and practicing openness and trust are all effective remedies. Humor: Depth and mystery are linked to Scorpios.


Wearing yellow or orange, going to new areas, and practicing moderation are all effective remedies.


Wear dark hues, concentrate on your professional goals, and be patient. These are the remedies.


Remedies include practicing emotional expressiveness, wearing blue or silver, and participating in activities that benefit the community.


Remedy: Engage with water, dress in colors associated with the sea, engage in self-care, and engage in introspection.


Astrological cures aren't widely recognized or scientifically confirmed, so keep an open mind. If these methods appeal with people, they may adopt them.


Personal birth chart analysis by a competent astrologer can also give valuable insights and advice.

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