Recuperation throughout the Astrological Signs

A lot of people put their faith in astrology, while others dismiss it as nothing more than a hoax. Although I don't think astrological signs can tell us much about the future, they can help us establish certain goals. Just save the parts that speak to you.


Aries are independent. Recovery is personal, however recovered Aries may be more independent. Impulsivity and openness damage your addiction but will help you recover. Aries become bored quickly, but setting goals or volunteering can refresh them. 


Taurus enjoys pleasure, and addiction makes drugs and alcohol pleasant, but recovery is preferable. Eat heaps of ice cream (if healthy) to celebrate your sobriety. Regularity helps Taurus build healthy healing habits.


The world-minded Geminis are big learners. Books, podcasts, and resources on addiction and recovery are here, here, and here. Sobriety is manageable since Gemini is adaptable to people, places, and situations. 


Cancers are emotional and use drugs and alcohol to avoid pain, so sobriety may overwhelm them. It helps you become emotionally sober. You are loyal, which is important in sobriety and relationships. This trait helps you stick to recuperation.


Many worry about socializing after drinking, but Leos are extroverted and confident. This may help you reenter the world without drugs. You could be a good recovery advocate since Leos are natural leaders with huge hearts.


Responsible Virgos will succeed in sobriety. You appreciate structure, so routines may help you stay sober. Others come first for Virgos. Helping others helps recovery, but self-care is essential. In recovery, you may learn to ask for support and prioritize health. 


Libras adore socializing, and sobriety will deepen your connections. You may thrive in support groups, 12-step programs, or other sober communities. Sobriety helps Libras discover equilibrium, which they crave. 


Scorpios are intense and single-minded, which didn't help us with addiction but can help us recover. Scorpios are emotional, thus rehabilitation may bring back addiction-suppressed feelings. Scorpios love honesty, so be yourself and feel.


Sagittarius needs independence; addiction binds you. Abstinence frees you. Drugs held you back physically and mentally, but now you may explore the universe and thoughts. You can heal alone since Sagittarius is creative and independent. 


Capricorns are diligent, so you may approach sobriety with the same fervor you do anything else. You usually achieve what you set your mind to, so make strong recovery goals. Routines may help you achieve goals. 


Aquarius is creative and intelligent. These features might spark your interest in addiction and sobriety and help you interpret them. Aquarians are non-conformists, so don't expect the traditional healing path. 


Pisces are kind, giving, and sensitive. This attribute can help you and others heal by being of assistance. Pisces are insightful and empathetic, and sobriety will deepen your relationships. Pisces are creative, so now you may use your newfound energy and leisure to create.

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