Optimal career guidance tailored to each star sign

In addition, we analyze our natal chart and carefully consider our moon and mercury signs to identify career-related characteristics. Below, we present a comprehensive compilation of employment guidance tailored to your specific zodiac sign.


Raw energy defines Ariens. Aries people are forceful, driven, and focused. Lobo says they delegate well and get the job done. They can be irritable and impetuous, so they must be careful not to insult older people.


Taureans are reliable. Lobo adds, “They are level-headed, good negotiators and know how to handle emergencies very well. They are also very artistic, with a natural aptitude for music, arts, beauty and fashion.” Taureans are tenacious and hard to persuade to change.


Geminis are zodiac communicators. They thrive in roles that include training, advising, consulting, or working with languages. Both are terrific salespeople. They require continual stimulation since they become bored fast. If you don't engage them, they'll go, says Lobo.


Most Cancerians are kind, loyal, and very sensitive. They have a genuine knack for taking care of people and treat everyone like family, according to Lobo. The catch is that their attitude to occupations involving communication may be impacted by their moodiness and temperament.


The zodiac's top dogs, Leos are born to be the center of attention. "They bring a lot of flair to their work and are full of life," says Lobo. Even though Leos are great when they feel validated, they struggle when they believe their efforts are unappreciated.


Simply put, Virgos are perfectionists. Lobo: “They love targets and will do any job in a systematic, methodical, and process-oriented way. However, Virgos struggle with originality. They need concrete goals to guide them, thus they struggle in vague or unstructured positions.


Libras have a stellar reputation for being natural storytellers. They have good arguments and show compassion for others. Lobo predicts that they will listen attentively before speaking. Their argumentative streak stems from their inclination to be too analytical and unsure of themselves.


You should recruit a Scorpio if your job description calls for intense emotion and enthusiasm. "The typical Scorpio will give their all and make sure the job is done well," explains Lobo. However, they will promptly resign if you bring them down in any manner. Their ferocity must be directed appropriately.


Sagittarians are among the smartest signs. They excel in knowledge-teaching, advising, and consulting roles. The sign's absolute honesty is a drawback. “They will tell you the exact truth, and not everybody is going to like it,” adds Lobo.


Capricorns are said to be ambitious, disciplined, realistic, and mature. Their ability to employ the right people and keep projects under budget makes them effective leaders, according to Lobo. But they also have a tendency to be reserved, which might make them struggle in a role that requires them to communicate regularly.


Typical Aquarians are free-spirited and eccentric. "They can thrive as product-creators, path-breakers, and scientists and will do well in any job that requires intellectual abilities," adds Lobo. The problem is that they aren't always great with people; they may be distant and unfocused at times, despite their vivacious personality.


Pisceans have a lot of imagination and a gift for the arts. "They pick things up quickly; the average Piscean can be taught nearly anything," quips Lobo. People-focused occupations suit them well because of their innate empathy. They prefer service-oriented work and aren't interested in competitive business settings.

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