On a scale of greatest to least intellectual, the constellations of the zodiac

For the most brilliant zodiac signs, we all want to win. It helps to remember that brilliance doesn't fit into one Sheldon Cooper-sized box. Some signs have more brainpower, while others are better at interpreting situations and empathizing with others. Learn the type of intellect your zodiac sign excels at.


The acerbic nature of an Aries makes them difficult to deal with, and they have a quick temper that they aren't afraid to let fly at everyone who crosses their path.


Taureans are well-known for their emotional savvy, a type of intelligence that combines self-awareness (the ability to recognize and understand one's own feelings) with empathy (the ability to see and understand what other people don't exhibit). 


Not your average gorgeous face! Although Gemini is justifiably known as the sociable sign of the zodiac, the truth is that they can also pick up complicated ideas quite quickly. 


If Cancer isn't higher on this list, it's not because they lack intelligence; it's rather that their generous character makes them prone to letting their feelings get in the way of rational thought. 


The world perceives a Leo as having it all figured out, regardless of their knowledge or lack thereof. They have an innate ability to lead and are masters at projecting an air of self-assurance that is difficult to dismantle. Presumably, one should act as if they are successful until they actually are. 


You may know Virgos for their meticulous attention to detail, but what you might not know is that they are also endowed with a frustratingly impeccable sense of logic and pragmatism. This makes them very brilliant. 


Libras, represented by the scales, have a level head and an impartial perspective on life. Their ability to respond thoughtfully, rather than impulsively, to the everyday obstacles they face is a direct result of this inner peace. 


Scorpios are intense and passionate, yet they're often the first people you call to find out if your ex is dating someone new. An skilled at reading people and seeing through pretenses, nothing gets their cerebral juices flowing faster than a mystery. 


It would be both simple and incorrect to write off this free-spirited sign as being unmotivated. Sagittarians are insatiably curious and love to learn about the world around them, from other civilizations to ways of life. 


They are an asset to any team because of their meticulous approach to problem-solving, which is both practical and disciplined to an extreme degree. When you need someone to tell you the truth without sugar coating in your personal life, you probably call a Capricorn. 


The most intelligent zodiac signs, by far, are Aquarians. No prizes for guessing that. They have an analytical mind and a talent for noticing details that the average person would overlook, in addition to their extensive academic background.


How about this: you call Pisces "not the sharpest knife in the drawer"? Very clever. Even though they're usually the last ones to understand a joke, it's only because their minds are so wonderfully made that they can create whole universes out of nothing. 

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