Loss of weight strategies during the holiday season that you MUST NEVER follow

The barrage of weight reduction advice is sure to begin at this time of year. Here are four things that famous dietitian Neha Sahaya says you should not do during Diwali.

People sometimes eat more than they should when they order "healthy" sweets, deceived into thinking they aren't consuming a lot of sugar or gluten because of this emotional relief. Rather of indulging in a low-calorie or keto dessert, it's wiser to have a single motichoor laddoo or mithaai.

It is really regrettable. You put additional strain on your body systems when you fast before eating since you'll be really hungry (and irritable) and eat more.

It is really unhealthy, yet I know folks who fast for 20 hours and then binge eat for the other 4 hours. A decrease in pH may result.

These days, we feel guilty whenever we eat a big meal. Indulge in the festive feast. Gaining weight is not possible with only one or two days of eating poorly. What matters more than a few days of celebrations is your behavior throughout the year in terms of your weight.

People eat more because they are so excited about their celebratory supper that they don't eat snacks in between. As a result, drink plenty of water and eat snacks often to stave off those monster hunger strikes.

Find healthier ways to celebrate, last but not least. Listen to some upbeat music and get the whole family dancing.

Having a wonderful time with loved ones is more important than dining alone during Diwali!

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