Is it time for you to abandon the ketogenic diet? Here are seven warning flags.

In recent years, the ketogenic diet has become increasingly popular. Following rapid weight loss for those who gave the high-fat, moderate-protein, extremely low-carb diet a go, it has recently attracted a large following. Eight percent of respondents to a recent poll reported having experimented with the ketogenic diet.

A ketogenic diet adjusts metabolism by ingesting particular macronutrients. Consuming 75% fats, 20% protein, and 5% carbs drives your body into ketosis, where it burns fat for fuel.

This eating may seem intriguing, but not everyone likes it. Changing your macros dramatically might have unwanted negative effects. Keto is not a diet that can maintain weight loss, warn specialists.

Feel stuck in bed? Keto diet may be responsible. Cutting carbohydrates from the diet might cause tiredness because they are our major energy source. That stated,

Keto diet works only with substantial carb restriction. Without carbohydrates, you lack fiber. Healthy carbohydrates like whole-wheat have fiber. Long-term keto diet use slows digestion. Long term

You pee more in ketosis because the body eliminates fluid faster. You also lower your insulin levels by consuming fewer carbohydrates. You feel dehydrated and may have frequent headaches.

Eating too much fat might disrupt digestion since your body is not used to metabolizing huge amounts. The body excretes it, boosting toilet visits. As long as they eat keto, some individuals have diarrhea forever.

After starting keto, many individuals feel queasy and vomit. If you can't endure these symptoms, the diet isn't for you. Commonly known as keto flu, this can last a few days to two weeks. Plenty of water and electrolytes can reduce symptoms. The diet should end if it doesn't work.

Entering ketosis may be difficult. Without following the macros, your body won't manufacture ketones and stay in nutritional ketosis. You won't lose weight rapidly without ketosis. You may also be overeating owing to high fat consumption.

You assumed the keto diet would improve your overall body, but you're not pregnant and your periods are gone. Keto might cause it. A diet can impact hormone signaling. A diet that stops your periods is excessively restrictive.

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