Intimacy may be strange, exhausting, and humorous. Each zodiac sign has strengths and drawbacks in intimacy and romance. Even your horoscope affects it. Life is about creating actual closeness. List of zodiac signs with intimacy concerns.


Typical Aries traits include a strong sense of self-reliance and an unwillingness to compromise. What worries you most about being in a relationship is that the other person will want to dictate how you live your life, which is something you really dislike.


Even though they should take their time getting to know their mate, Taureans are hasty to commit. You settle into a rut because you want things will remain static forever but are disappointed when that fails to materialize. Adapt more easily to new situations.


Oftentimes, Gemini just can't commit and feels least at ease when things get serious. They are afraid to form strong bonds. Make an effort to fully immerse yourself in your relationship. Feel free to be yourself, even if you have a dark twin.


Rather than show its vulnerable side, cancer always hides behind its tough exterior. Be vulnerable enough to let your lover's pity wash over you. Let other people take care of you. Take care of yourself first and foremost.


Leo struggles to release his grip on things. You prefer to have the upper hand whenever possible. Your inability to divide and conquer power dynamics is the biggest obstacle you face in your pursuit of closeness.


Virgo struggles the most with self-worth and trust. You can trace your intimacy problems back to them. Recognize that you, too, are human and subject to occasional trust challenges. It shouldn't devastate you.


Those born under the Libra zodiac sign are steady, competent, and orderly. You have a way of making others feel at ease. Your demeanor is usually light and breezy. Make more bold choices in life. Trust in your abilities.


Your biggest barrier to intimacy is the fact that people are typically scared of Scorpio. You aren't shy away from close relationships, but you struggle to draw them in. Think of your fiery personality and tendency to speak your mind as admiral qualities in some contexts, but maybe not when it comes to love.


You see ties as shackles, as Sagittarius is the sign of the everlasting bachelor. You should not give up your independence only to appease other people. Finding a partner willing to stick with you through thick and thin is the way to go, but only if you're willing to put your word up to them.


Capricorns want to play the role of the strong one in relationships. They are frightened of hurting their partner's feelings. It seems like you might be emotionally distant at times. express your feelings every now and again. Allow your companion entry.


You maintain a sense of self-sufficiency, independence, and icy exteriority since Aquarius typically favors reasoning over emotions. Because you are afraid of being confined, you avoid letting anyone in.


While Pisces are sociable and pleasant, they struggle with identity crisis. Because you can change your appearance. For the most part, you aim to blend in. A lot of restrictions are imposed by you. Let your guard down and just be yourself.

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