In a fantasy football game, which team would you pick: the Chiefs or the Bills?

The historic game between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium has been overshadowed by the Week 14 Game of the Week between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles

 Their January 2022 playoff game was more like Ali-Frazier's Thrilla in Manila than a football game, both having put up spectacular displays. In the late timeframe, Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen may unleash thunderbolts into the twilight. Scott Pianowski and Jorge Martin pick sides in this fantasy football-related game.

Like everyone else, I watched Chiefs-Packers on Sunday night. The game ended with Patrick Mahomes and pals in possession and Green Bay ahead by one. On multiple occasions, the Mahomes touchdown drive seems imminent, and Kansas City will save the day. When you visit the magician, he always wins.

But this time felt different. Kansas City scoring surprised me. Not that this Packers defense is extraordinary. The Chiefs moved the ball, there were two strange flags (one for them, one against them), and the Packers won a game at home

Jorge, we should address a vital question. How much trouble are the Chiefs

The Chiefs have posted 274, 267, 336, 360, and 337 yards in the past five weeks. Not Andy Reid stats. Not Patrick Mahomes numbers. Not recognizing this crime.

The Chiefs led or finished second in yards per play from 2017 to 2022. The team fell to seventh this year. Career average for Mahomes is 8.0 ypr. His score slipped to 7.0 this year.

My guess is that it's the bits around Mahomes, right? Travis Kelce is still at his best at finding open areas, but he looks 34. Rashee Rice is now a prominent wideout, but he's not a threat (11.4 YPC).

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