How to prevent gaining weight during the winter, according to experts

Lots of people look forward to winter for the holidays, the new year, and adorable hoodies, but it's also a time when they want to consume a lot of festive foods and remain warm, whether that means cuddling up with a blanket or indulging in a hot dessert.

An increased hunger and a need for insulation, met by the ingestion of fats, are hallmarks of winter because, when we burn food for energy and to remain warm, our bodies release heat. Eating fatty foods in the winter is a win-win since they keep you warm and delight your taste buds at the same time.

A healthy diet and regular exercise are the cornerstones of weight loss. A calorie deficit can be achieved by a combination of a balanced, healthy diet that does not contain any fat and frequent exercise. All that implies is that we lose weight when our caloric intake is lower than our energy expenditure.

Having said that, cutting calories throughout the winter might be challenging. A higher calorie intake relative to the quantity burned occurs when the weather causes shorter days and lower temperatures, which in turn cause greater consumption and less time for activity.

The need to console oneself with calorie-heavy meals and drinks compounds this problem, making weight gain more likely.

Experts in nutrition and dietetics have identified lethargy as one of the causes of seasonal weight gain. Walking becomes an enormous chore in the winter, so we put it off until later, which causes us to gain a lot of weight.

In order to reach your weight reduction goals, it is crucial to adjust your caloric intake in accordance with your weight loss program. A person must subtract 500 kcal from their overall calorie needs in order to maintain a healthy weight and body. For those who require 1500 kcal daily, a 1000 kcal meal will enough.

Winter may make calorie deficits challenging. Avoid starvation and calorie restriction. Losing too many calories might induce fatigue, sluggishness, and poor energy, which can impair other important duties. Reduce 500 kcal to balance weight loss and comfort. These factors make winter moderate exercise and a good diet beneficial.

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