How to drink alcohol in a way that won't hinder your efforts to lose weight without sacrificing effectiveness

A single night's drink might ruin your weight loss or calorie count objectives. First come headaches, then overeating and mood changes. In addition, high-calorie alcohol might interrupt your usual calorie intake.

Personal coach Shivohaam recently posted on Instagram some short strategies to assist you control your calorie count when out with friends.

The coach stated that he does not advocate drinking, but social drinkers should limit themselves to 1-2 drinks. All alcohol has calories, so drink moderately to avoid regret. Frequent drinking might ruin your weight reduction strategy and cause health problems.

Alcohol has many calories, he said. Add two cocktails or mix the drink with any soft drink to boost calories. To limit calories, sip a strong drink or combine it with water or diet Coke. Hard beverages like whiskey, gin, and tequila have less calories than beer and wine.

Instead of fries, chips, rice, or pasta, Shivohaam recommends protein or veggies with your drink. Complex carbohydrates are abundant in calories and increase blood sugar quickly.

Healthy protein and veggies control blood sugar. When consuming calorie-rich alcohol, eat to balance it.

Finally, he recommends fasting for 16 hours from your last meal until the next morning. Fasting helps control calories and eliminate pollutants.

The first meal after fasting should contain protein and fat to help you recover from drinking. Avoid complex carbohydrates in the morning.

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