How Shanahan's Friday film sessions held 49ers responsible for blocking

Greg Papa's 1-on-1 interview with Kyle Shanahan will air on "49ers Game Plan," Friday at 7:30 and 9 p.m. on NBC Bay Area and NBC Sports Bay Area.

On NBC Sports Bay Area's "49ers Game Plan," Kyle Shanahan highlighted why his offense takes satisfaction in blocking for each other to Greg Papa.

They take pride in it and don't want to let the other person down," Shanahan told Papa. "If they do, they know we'll watch it together on Friday when we do it. People dislike that. Also, everyone thinks they can score. I've been on several teams where you coach the same manner and players typically follow through.

When everyone feels anybody who touches the ball has a chance to score and they don't want their guy to be the sole reason they don't, everyone works harder because they think they can. Similar to a punt or kick return

 players block well, you get a guy back there you believe has a shot, and you watch players block a hair differently. I think that's how our team should be because we have some good guys."

The 49ers' "No Block, No Rock" slogan has stressed the significance of blocking and how it may open up ground and air possibilities for years. Shanahan and the offense still live by that mentality.

It's fairly clear. It's impossible to play with us without blocking "Shanahan said. "You better be extremely special and the special guys we have had, they haven't had to worry about it because they block."

When watching film, Shanahan and the 49ers' coaches call out players' blocking, using it as a teaching tool.

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