Healthy behaviors that might cause you to gain abdominal fat

We have all heard a lot of hints and ideas that claim to speed up the weight loss process and make us healthier. A lot of people drink water while sitting to keep their metabolisms revved up and avoid gaining belly fat, and many of us cut out specific food categories that are known to decrease metabolisms. 

There is no shortage of health and weight reduction advice online, but how often do we really take the time to verify the claims made? Today we reveal to you five ‘seemingly healthy’ practices that are causing you belly fat.

Exercises done first thing in the morning have an added benefit, therefore doing them there is crucial. Beginning your day with a vigorous exercise session in the early hours of the morning not only gives your metabolism a much-needed boost, but it also sets the tone for the rest of your day.

It will backfire if you guarantee yourself a morning workout by skipping your requisite seven-hour sleep. Because it throws off the body's internal clock and its ability to operate normally, insomnia is a known cause of weight gain.

People say too much of anything is bad. Resting and recovering is crucial. A consistent workout routine helps preserve consistency, but working out every day leaves little time to heal bodily wear and tear. Leave a day or two each week for your body to rest and function.

Both too little and too much sleep are unhealthy. Sleeping more than eight hours may raise heart disease, diabetes, and obesity risk. Not more than seven to eight hours of sleep every day is healthy. It negatively impacts metabolism.

Dieters crave sweet meals that are off-limits. They choose low-fat, ‘no added sugar’ items to satisfy their taste buds without the calories.

Despite appearing nutritious, some meals may include preservatives and artificial sweeteners that hinder weight reduction.

Protein consumption is key to weight loss. To lose weight, eat more protein and less fat. Eggs are a great protein source, however the yolk is removed to decrease "fat." You lose one nutrient and choline in the yolk. Deficient vitamin D promotes weight gain. Without the yolk, eggs are less filling.

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