From the most agitated to the most placid ecliptic signs, as determined by astrologer

Many learn patience or are born with it. Zodiac signs have distinct thresholds. Some lash out when they notice something wrong, while others remain calm like they've reached Nirvana. This list ranks all zodiac signs from most impatient to most Buddha-like.


Mars rules Aries, who never take anything from anybody. Aries are the most impatient star sign since Mars, their ruling planet, is the commander planet.


Taurus, an earth sign ruled by Venus, is patient if they don't have to work. They may charge you if you disagree with them.


Geminis are dualistic. Their restlessness prevents them from making decisions. Their split thinking might confuse them, thus patience and impatience are constantly on the brink.


Cancerians appreciate harmony and are moon-ruled. Cancerians are revered for their patience and tranquility. They avoid disputes by being patient and easygoing.


My way or the highway for Leo. Being controlled by The Sun, Leo resents being made to wait. Again, Leos are fire signs and lack patience.


Mercury-ruled earth signs like Virgo are analytical and skilled planners. Virgos might lose it fast if things don't go as planned or if anybody questions their thorough strategy. They may not show it, but they're losing it.


Libras are charming and people-pleasers, so they are tolerant with others. They seek peace while disagreeing with the circumstances.


All is OK until you don't pursue a Scorpio; they might be patient then snap. Scorpios rarely exhibit it; they keep it to themselves, so one may never know when they're losing their cool.


Fire sign Sagittarius seldom has patience and prefers quick solutions. Sagittarius, the second most impatient sign after Aries, might miss subtleties due to its action-oriented nature.


Saturn, the lawmaker, rules Capricorn, an Earth sign. They lose patience when their expectations aren't met. A Capricorn may bring you down before you attempt to pull them down, so don't strain their tolerance.


Aquariuses are autonomous and want to make their own judgments. Aquarius decides whether to be patient. They might be the most patient or vice versa.


Pisces are said to be empathetic and good listeners. One of the calmest zodiac signs is Pisces. They overcome problems easily due to their love and patience.

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