For weight loss, there are four different methods to take fennel seeds.

Weight reduction is different for everyone, and while exercise and nutrition can help you lose weight, it may not be practical for everyone to follow a strict fitness routine. Small yet effective lifestyle adjustments like eating fennel seeds may make a big difference.

The fennel seeds are a common ingredient in Indian cuisine and may be prepared in a short amount of time; they are also an excellent weight loss aid. Fennel seeds have become a staple in every Indian family, despite being an imported spice.

Among fennel seeds' many positive effects on health are enhancements to metabolism, digestion, hair, and skin. The diuretic characteristics of fennel seeds aid in the flushing out of harmful substances. Because of its high antioxidant content, it helps the body deal with oxidative stress, which can lead to health problems including diabetes and obesity.

Fennel seeds are great for you in every aspect, including helping you lose weight and with a host of other health issues. Here are four simple ways to incorporate fennel seeds into your daily diet.

Grind a handful of fennel seeds into powder. Taste and nourish baked products with this powder. Fennel seed powder may be used to make a ‘churan’ with fenugreek seeds, black salt, asafoetida, and mishri for flavor and digestion. Eating this daily improves digestion since estragole, fenchone, and anethole produce digestive enzymes.

Consuming fennel seeds with water is usual to relieve stomach pains and promote digestion. Put a handful of fennel seeds in a glass of water. Let it sit overnight and drink in the morning. It boosts vitamin and mineral absorption, reducing weight. Two glasses of fennel water in the morning and evening help lose weight.

Fennel seed tea is easy to make and may be drunk daily for optimum results. Add a spoonful of fennel seeds to boiling water for evening tea. Enjoy your evening tea with extra benefits by adding half a spoonful of jaggery to fennel seeds.

Roast a tablespoon of fennel seeds slowly. This fennel seed has a pleasant scent. Adding mishri for flavor and eating this after every meal improves digestion. This combo curbs dessert cravings since mishri is sweet and pairs well with roasted fennel seeds. Roasted fennel seeds can be ground into powder and taken daily.

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