Each astrological sign is safeguarded by a celestial guardian angel—discover yours.

Superpowerful angels. They work on your zodiac sign's ray and are important to you. These angels will boost your spiritual awareness. These angels will assist you attain your potential and fulfill your ambitions under your zodiac sign.


The Archangel Michael watches over the sign of Aries. "The Great Defender"—that's Michael. Being an aggressive and fearless defender and warrior comes easily to Aries because of their fearless and self-assured leadership style. (Aries is also the deity of battle in Greek mythology.)


The patient angel Asmodel watches over Taurus. "Taking it easy." Asmodel illuminates the path for Taurus with persistence, order, composure, and a plenty of patience. Even in the midst of all the mayhem, a Taurean can convey a feeling of stability and serenity.


Ambriel, Gemini's guardian angel, represents intellect, creativity, and communication. Intellectual social butterflies, Geminis adore meeting new people, having fresh discussions, and learning. Gemini are protected by Ambriel throughout life. Mercury rules communication in astrology, and Gemini.


The angel of healing, comfort, and emotional balance is Muriel. Cancers are perceptive and adore their loved ones. They are safeguarded by Muriel, the angel of consolation, since they are kind and nurturing.


Jophiel, the beauty and creative angel, guards Leo. Jophiel helps people recognize and appreciate their best traits to become their best. Jophiel is also about fighting ignorance—Leos are confident and comfortable, not conceited.


One of the most powerful Archangels, Metatron is the angel of empowerment. Metatron kept records and cleansed energy, tracking Earthly decisions and spiritual force. He helps release bad energy and ideas and reminds us that thoughts become things.


Angel Sameal (Chamael) brings love and serenity. Their "special assignment" was to reunite twin flames and soulmates, which is suitable as Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Sameal/Chamael offers confidence, affection, and strength to imbalances.


Scorpio's protector is Jeremial, the forgiving angel. Scorpios, powerful, mysterious water signs, may be spiteful when wronged. Their guardian angel helps them release bad energy and seek forgiveness and kindness.


Angel Adnachiel brings freedom and spiritual progress. This suits Sagittarius, a free-spirited traveler. They will be impulsive and out of their comfort zone. This angel reminds children to use their minds to progress spiritually.


As the angel of death, Azrael is one of the most misunderstood. Instead of bringing death, they comfort mourners. Capricorns provide compassionate, caring insight of a new world, despite their lack of emotion.


Archangel Gabriel guards Aquarius. Gabriel brings free thought, humanism, hope, truth, and discoveries as the angel of light and purpose. Gabriel, like Aquarians, brings transformation and truth to humanity.


Pisces' guardian angel is Barchiel, who protects love, faith, and clairvoyance. This water sign is intuitive and skilled at soul and feeling exploration. As one of the zodiac's most psychic signs, they may communicate with this higher force.

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