Discover the reasons behind your single status based on your sign of astrology.

Choose to be single. One cannot be coerced into love. If you want to date or be with a loved one but find it hard to make a move, there's a reason. Most relationship issues, from prior toxic relationships to other issues, might prevent you from finding your partner.


Aries, you want a relationship but struggle to locate someone who understands your fast-paced existence. You're a go-getter yet occasionally self-centered, making you hard to comprehend. You don't compromise, making it hard for others to get along with you. Perhaps that's why you're single.


Taurus, you probably have a relationship ‘type’. Your stubbornness leads you stick to that kind and avoid alternative options. Despite their perfection, you let them go because they're not your type. You should remove all limits and give everyone a chance if you're serious about relationships.


Gemini, your desires may be unclear. Your two relationships have given you ups and downs like no other zodiac sign. Therefore, you are more attentive of who you date next and postpone the process.


Cancerians are sentimental and cherish old connections. Your main issue is that you still cling to your ex's memories and reject every new relationship. Let's forget the past and try the future.


Leo, your confidence and aura may make anybody fall in love with you. You date online, therefore you can't meet your partner. Online dating may seem easier and more convenient, but it reduces your chances of finding love. Display your true self and captivate the world.


Virgos are picky about who they date. That is natural, but you might occasionally overdo it by setting unattainable goals. If you want to fall in love and end your singlehood, lower your expectations.


Libras are pessimistic about relationships. Maybe you're still recovering from a bad relationship or don't believe in real love. Whatever it is, give yourself a second opportunity and overcome previous mistakes.


Scorpios, quit overthinking! Just because your prior relationship failed doesn't indicate your future ones will. How would you know until you try yourself and others?


Sagittarians stay sane with adventures and intriguing locations. They want that in relationships too. Sagittarians may avoid love out of fear of losing their pleasure and enthusiasm. You fear losing your passion and living a mediocre existence.


Capricorns are career-focused. A Capricorn should think rationally, not emotionally. Work keeps you going, so you have no time for love. If you're changing your mind, take a break and seek for relationships.


Choose to be single, Aquarius. Even if you like relationships, you prefer being alone and don't want anybody to disturb you. Probably why you have many friends but no love possibilities.


Pisces, you hopelessly romanticize. You fear commitment because you have high aspirations for love but are disappointed every time you try. You avoid love even when it's right in front of you because you're afraid of breaking your heart.

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