Determine your most fortuitous shade according to your astrological sign.

Each hue has a distinct light frequency that affects our mood, attitude, and luck! Knowing your ‘spirit colour’ and reflecting it in your life may boost your progress and well-being, opening new doors even in challenging times.


The red planet Mars rules Aries, who are active and drawn to red, the color of fire with the longest wavelength. Their desire and passion are always blazing. Red motivates them to achieve their goals and excel in their career.


Taureans are the kindest, most reliable, and patient. Green groundingly supports their loving and peaceful demeanor. Green, the color of money, is also a color they choose because they value material prosperity and luxury.


Sunshine and daisies are perfect for Geminis. Think bright and cheery Gemini. Geminis' wit and charm radiate yellow's mood-lifting energy when they enter a room. Golden golden illuminates Geminis! Communication skills improve, letting people build new relationships, stay positive, and gain more possibilities.


Cancerians, moon-ruled, are pure-hearted. Thus, white and silver are their spirit colors. Cancerians are emotional and sensitive and have many attachments, therefore these soothing colors are wonderful for them. They revitalize, disconnect, and preserve their aura using these colors.


The lion-headed Leos rule the sun signs! Gold symbolizes riches and majesty, which Leos naturally attract. Fire signs are born leaders, and the sun's shades help them channel their inner goddess and shine brightly!


Analysis and observation make Virgos good at seeing patterns and predicting events. Virgos can grasp complicated relationships and foresee the future because to their thorough attention to detail and multifaceted analysis. They could discover secrets, solve puzzles, and advise others with their enhanced awareness.


Self-aware and realistic, Virgos always have your back. Brown, the color of soil and earthiness, blends well with this Earth sign. Virgos are self-critical and always trying to better, and brown's grounding energy enhances these tendencies.


Many associate the color with warmth and comfort, bringing them together. Librans thrive in social situations and appreciate being loved. They continually try to balance their happiness with others'.


Scorpions are sensual, perceptive, and frequently have magic and a sixth sense. Scorpions' deeper depths are revealed by violet, the color of spirituality and sensuality. It cures aura, balances mood and ego, and removes negativity. Their tint prevents overthinking and makes them more mysterious.


Sagittarians are everlasting optimists. The cheerful pinks match their upbeat and free-spirited view on life. The color pushes people to party hard. Pink, a bright and beautiful color, lifts Sagittarians' spirits and motivates them to achieve their goals.


As organized and careful as they are, Capricorns are assertive and typically get their way! When their thoughts is racing, Capricorns have trouble focusing. Dark blue and black help the sun sign focus, achieve their goals, and think deeply, which they always want.


Water affects Pisceans' emotions and flow. It's no surprise they're drawn to ocean colors. Oceanic colors relax and energize Pisceans, supporting their imaginative thinking. They may paint their fantasies on these colors without restrictions or barriers. Water colors cure and soothe their hectic minds.

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