Being unable to shed pounds despite your best efforts? Some of the probable explanations are as follows:

A well-planned diet, regular exercise, and other methods to optimize bodily function to aid weight loss. After doing everything, you may still be disappointed every time you step on the scale, for several reasons. 

Weight loss is difficult, but if you can't reduce weight despite your best efforts, something is wrong. The most prevalent weight reduction obstacles are listed below.

Proteins are essential for muscle development, repair, and energy. Proteins also fill us up. Nutritional proteins build muscle, prevent lean muscle loss, and expedite fat reduction.

With all these benefits for the body and weight reduction, it's crucial to eat enough protein. Protein intake ranges from 40 to 80 grams for women, depending on weight.

An hour of vigorous exercise won't cut it if you lead a sedentary lifestyle that requires you to sit for long periods of time throughout the day. 

An enzyme known as lipase is crucial for fat metabolism, and sitting for lengthy periods of time prevents the body from producing enough of this enzyme. If you sit for lengthy periods of time, you may want to consider getting up and moving about every so often to boost your lipase production.

It may seem impossible, yet regular exercise may cause weight gain or stagnation. People eat more after working exercise because they feel accomplished. Additionally, it might cause water retention and weight gain. Hydration helps lose water weight and stabilizes water retention.

Cortisol triggers the fight or flight reaction, which makes most individuals eat more than usual. Cortisol increases hunger and comfort eating, which promotes weight gain. If you resist stress cravings, cortisol will reduce your metabolism, which will lead to the same result.

You drinking enough water? Even though we all know the advantages of drinking water, it's the main reason diets fail. Dehydration impairs kidney function, forcing the liver to compensate. Since the liver burns fat, it reduces its primary function to support secondary ones. Avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water and adding fiber slowly.

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