Avoid these 6 foods with papaya

Certainly, while there isn't an exhaustive list of foods that you should strictly avoid pairing with papaya, some combinations might not work well for certain individuals due to taste, digestion, or possible interactions. 

Green, unripe papaya with seafood: Some avoid pairing unripe papaya with seafood due to its high papain content, which might overly tenderize the seafood or affect its texture. 

Highly acidic fruits: Mixing papaya with very acidic fruits like sour oranges or certain varieties of pineapple might cause an unpleasant taste clash for some individuals. 

Milk or dairy: While some people enjoy papaya in dairy-based dishes like smoothies, some avoid this combination due to the possibility of curdling caused by papaya's enzyme 

Gelatin or Jell-O: Papaya's enzymes can hinder the setting of gelatin-based desserts, affecting their texture and consistency. 

Certain spices: Some potent spices might overpower the delicate flavor of papaya or cause an unpleasant taste combination. However, this largely depends on personal taste preferences 

Fermented foods: Combining papaya with certain fermented foods might cause digestive discomfort in some individuals due to the interaction of enzymes present in both foods. 

These aren't strict rules but rather considerations based on taste preferences, potential interactions, or textural changes that might occur when these foods are combined with papaya 

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