An Insight Into Your Emotional Personality Detained Within Your Moon Sign

We are about to enter a year of profound change, so it may be wise to learn more about astrology and the insights your natal chart may provide. Knowing your dominant astrological sign may be a great assistance when trying to acquire a twelve-month prediction.


Honest, passionate Aries. Confident in your objectives. Your Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign doesn't affect your Aries energy. Despite looks, Aries energy makes you fearless leaders. Mars governs Aries and you. Conflict and energy planet. Hold your ground. Something can start your fire!


Tauruses love luxury and stability. You like plans and persevere! Some try to alter your mind, but fail. However obstinate, you are resilient. Your governing planet is Venus, the love and beauty planet. Venusian influence makes you elegant and appealing. Physical pleasures and money may interest you.


Geminis are smart and sociable! That fussy sign may disagree. Air sign Gemini is intelligent, active, ambitious, and good at uniting people. Your youth never ends. Communicator Mercury rules. Mercury makes you seem to know what to say in any situation, impressing people.


Cancerians feel. Cardinal water signs work below. Cancer offers protection but may not be shown. Like a mother, you guard family. Strongest indicator: empathy. Your dominant sign may sense Moon energy. Full Moon might be powerful! Like the moonlight on dark paths, your compassion attracts others.


Regal Leos rule. You're reserved but forceful. Strength and royalty. Your courage and creativity show. Arrogance may win. Light transforms lives and the planet. Your ruler is the Sun. You're Sun-strong. A friendly Sun lights the globe. Risk of sunburn. Make good with this power. Wild lion king!


A practical and thorough Virgo. You are trustworthy in tough circumstances! People want you in a crisis because you're calm. Communicator Mercury rules you. Mercury lets you think practically and find and explain the best solution. We'd be lost without Virgo!


Libra dominants are graceful. Justice is important to you. Sense of justice may enhance your world. You may avoid conflict since your sign dislikes it. Libra dominance makes you appealing. Venus, your governing planet, is graceful. You like fancy places and look well.


The Scorpios rule secretly. Secrecy. Despise or adore. Heatful Scorpios. Sexuality may help creativity and spirituality. You might enjoy occultism. You study, not talk. Transformer Your ruler is Pluto. Pluto destroys, but crisis transforms. Mars rules—you soldiers. Like a scorpion, you can withstand any storm. Made it.


Free-spirited We adore knowledge, Sagittarians. Travelers value honesty. People are drawn to your spirit. Goodness is noticed. Sagittarians value straightforwardness. Smart master's student.� Cultures and locations may interest you. You control Jupiter, luck, and generosity. Lucky you! Jupiter brings glamour and luck. Hero, friend, and teammate.


Capricorns are driven. Earth-sign cardinals survive best. Goats indicate mountains. The mountain goat always summits. You may live long. An inspiring leader. Get things done. Saturn—karma and hard knocks—rules. Saturn's unpopular problems educate perseverance. Authorities toughen you. This may aid success.


The Aquarius in you shines. Do it yourself! That distinctive look grabs notice. Unusual Aquarius dominance. Innovative and passionate. Your creativity is appreciated. Ongoing invention intrigues. Innovating Uranus dominates you. All-changing Aquariuses. Best for empathy. Uranus defines you. Why blend when you were made to shine?


Pisces are creative and compassionate. Others like your dreaminess. Masters of Pisces ideals. The world appears. You desire peace and love. In bad circumstances, you may desire seclusion. Life's harsh truths may require escape. Your creativity and drive for improvement may inspire others. 

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