A relationship with someone who does these 7 things is difficult.

certain behaviors can make a relationship challenging. Here are seven common behaviors that can strain a relationship: 

Lack of Communication: When a partner refuses to communicate openly or actively listen, it can lead to misunderstandings, unresolved issues, and a lack of emotional connection. 

Constant Criticism: Constantly criticizing or belittling a partner can erode their self-esteem and create a negative atmosphere in the relationship. 

Trust Issues: Trust is fundamental in a relationship. Constant suspicion, secrecy, or dishonesty can damage trust and lead to a breakdown in the relationship. 

Disrespect: Disrespectful behavior such as dismissiveness, contempt, or rudeness can create emotional distance and diminish the bond between partners. 

Unwillingness to Compromise: A relationship requires compromise and mutual understanding. If one partner consistently refuses to compromise or consider the other's perspective, it can lead to resentment and conflict. 

Lack of Support: A lack of support during challenging times or significant life events can make a partner feel isolated or unvalued, impacting the strength of the relationship 

Emotional or Physical Abuse: Any form of abuse, whether emotional, verbal, or physical, is detrimental to a healthy relationship and should not be tolerated 

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