7 zodiac signs experience tension and anxiety.

Aries): Aries tend to push themselves hard, leading to stress from overcommitting or taking on too much. They can get stressed by feeling stuck or unable to move forward. 

Taurus : Taurus individuals can become stressed due to disruptions in their routine or feeling insecure about their stability and material comforts. 

Gemini : Geminis can experience stress from overthinking or having too many options, which can lead to anxiety about making decisions or missing out on opportunities. 

Cancer: Cancerians are sensitive and can feel stress from emotional upheavals or disruptions in their home and family life. 

Leo: Leos might stress over feeling unappreciated or not receiving the recognition they desire. They can also feel stressed when their pride is hurt. 

Virgo : Virgos can get stressed due to their perfectionist tendencies, feeling overwhelmed by details or when things are not organized. 

Libra : Librans can feel stressed in conflicts or when faced with indecision. They seek balance and harmony and can be stressed by disharmony or unfairness. 

Scorpio : Scorpios can experience stress due to their intense emotions, feeling betrayed or not being in control of situations. 

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