8 foods cardiologists avoid

Processed Meats: Deli meats, bacon, sausage, and other processed meats are high in saturated fats, sodium, and preservatives, linked to increased heart disease risk 

Trans Fats: Found in partially hydrogenated oils often used in fried foods, baked goods, and some margarines, trans fats raise bad cholesterol levels (LDL) and lower good cholesterol (HDL), increasing heart disease risk. 

Sugary Drinks: Sodas, sweetened beverages, energy drinks, and fruit juices with added sugars contribute to weight gain, diabetes risk, and heart disease. 

Deep-Fried Foods: Foods deep-fried in unhealthy oils contain trans fats and saturated fats that can increase bad cholesterol levels and contribute to heart disease risk. 

High-Sodium Foods: Excessive sodium intake, often found in processed and fast foods, canned soups, sauces, and snacks, can elevate blood pressure and strain the heart. 

Highly Processed Snack Foods: Chips, crackers, and snack foods high in refined carbohydrates, unhealthy fats, and added sugars can contribute to weight gain and heart disease risk. 

Pastries and Baked Goods: Foods like cakes, cookies, pastries, and commercially baked goods contain trans fats, refined sugars, and unhealthy fats that can negatively impact heart health. 

Excessive Red Meat: Consuming too much red meat, particularly processed red meat, is associated with increased heart disease risk due to its high saturated fat content. 

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